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Nomination and Award Guidance

NB: Individuals / teams can be nominated for multiple award categories.

Award period:

Examples of meeting award category criteria should be drawn from experiences over an 18-month period from Wednesday 1 March 2023 to Friday 26 July 2024. Receipt of every nomination will be acknowledged by email.

Who can be nominated?

CIMA members — in industry and in practice, also CIMA students, who are based in the UK or Ireland, and who meet the criteria for a category, can make their own entry.

For team / project categories, it is not mandatory that all team members are CIMA members or students, provided it is demonstrated that CGMA competencies played a part in the success of a team / project.

Who can make a nomination?

Nominations can be made by the prospective nominee themselves, or by a third party, such as employers, colleagues, suppliers, and clients who have had close contact with the work of the prospective nominee.

How are nominations made?

There is a link to an online form, at the foot of each award category screen. The first sections of the form are for completion for those nominating themselves, and the following sections provide opportunities to nominate another individual / team / project.

On submitting an online nomination, you will receive a ‘privacy’ form which asks if we can share the nominees’ names, employer, job role and photo, plus any other information provided.

What is the judging process?

All judges are Associates and Fellows of CIMA. Three judges will be assigned one category and will work together to review the nominees for shortlisting for their category. A further shortlist of finalists will be created. All judges will be sent a summary of each finalist in each category, ahead of virtual meeting of all judges to review the finalists and determine the winner of each category.

Nominee shortlisting:

Those shortlisted for each category will be notified by Friday 30 August 2024.

What is the virtual award ceremony process?

The winners of each category of the AICPA & CIMA ENGAGE 24 UK & Ireland Awards will be announced live, at the in-person ceremony in London, on the evening of Tuesday 8 October 2024.

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